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Personal testimonies of Coriolus versicolor users.

The pain of Fibromyalgia, subsided by alternative herbal treatment- inLifes Immune booster called inForce

Krista Stagg says:
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 13 years ago. I have tried every prescription drug my Dr. thought would help and tried so many supplements and vitamins that are supposed to help that I have lost count. I was getting by but never felt like I used to. I had good days and bad days, but mostly bad, so bad I couldn’t get out of bed for days at a time. I couldn’t get out of bed to play with my 3 wonderful little boys, I couldn’t get dinner on the table, I was basically bedridden much of the time. I was living but I was almost always in pain and had no energy. I was almost resigned to this and one day a dear friend told me about InFORCE. He shared how it had saved his life, and he encouraged me to try it. I, of course, was skeptical but I finally did. It has CHANGED my life. I now have a life!! After just a few days my energy levels were up, then after 2 weeks I realized I had NO Fibro pain, my muscles were pain free and to this day I haven’t had one flareup, even during times of intense stress. My husband has his wife back, my children have their mother back and everyday it just gets better. My blood pressure has gone down, I lost 15 lbs and no longer have problems sleeping, all because of InFORCE. I was able to stop taking 3 of my prescription meds that has saved me hundreds of dollars and best of all with InFORCE I have no bad side effects. I became an Independent Distributor and so far everyone who has bought this product has said how much better they feel and they keep ordering. I am so blessed to have my life back and to be able to share this with everyone! Thank you Scott and the InLife team. You’ve changed my life and I’m so excited for everyone who gets the opportunity to use InFORCE!! I have my life back and it’s all due to this incredible product!

inLifes, inForce Immune Builder used to treat Osteoarthritis.

Randy White says:
It is so nice to hear all of the testimonials, such a variety of great results for so many different ailments. About two years ago I had pain start in a small spot in my left arm about half way between the wrist and elbow. As time passed the area continued to grow until the pain was all the way down the arm and into my hands. For about a year now my hands felt like they were on fire most of the time. When I was in for a checkup I asked the doctor about this and the response was that with my age it was just arthritis and I should get some cream and put on it. To top things off this past summer my right knee swelled up the full size of the knee cap and about 3/4? high. My wife tried to get me to go to the doctor but of course I didn’t go. Instead I looked it up on the internet and found that the most common cause of water on the knee is osteo arthritis, for which the remedy is to have a doctor drain it with a syringe. Not likely. Osteo would also explain the pain in my arm and hands. I ordered some of the Inforce and as soon as it arrived I took two capsules. The very first day it seemed like I had less pain in my hands. After just six weeks now the swelling in my knee is completely gone and the pain in my arm and hands is 90% better, and this is with only two capsules per day. I should have started with four a day and it would have been gone even sooner. I now recommend Inforce to everyone I see. My wife has been taking the Inforce for about two weeks now.

Randy White
Regional manager

Tumors treated with Coriolus Versicolor- inForce Immune Builder.

Brenda Koker says:
Hello David,
I have great news about Little Bear. Her external tumors she had on her forehead, which were two of them. Have completely dissapeared. She has been full of energy and not sleeping as much as she was before. The internal tumors have not grown, hoping the same results will come in the future. Thank You for your concersn and support. Happy New Year and an awesome year for Inforce.

Dogs tumor treated by alternative medicine- inLifes, inForce immune builder

Brenda Koker says:
Hello David,
Thank you for your concern for littlebear she is doing great. LittleBear is our Lab/Golden Retreiver mix, I have her on the inforce twice a day one capsule. For being 14 yrs old she has more energy now and doesn’t whine as much, which I contribute to pain. Seems more alert and playful. The external tumor on her head has gone down. We haven’t taken her back yet to the vet. Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday

C-reactive protein controlled with inForce immune builder.

Brenda Koker says:
Hello Jack,
Thank you for your response. My c-reactive protein has continue to drop. I received my results from last week and it is down to 3.6, which 3.0 and below is normal. LittleBear is our Lab/Golden Retreiver mix, I have her on the inforce twice a day one capsule. For being 14 yrs old she has more energy now and doesn’t whine as much, which I contribute to pain. Seems more alert and playful. The external tumor on her head has gone down. We haven’t taken her back yet to the vet. Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.

jack konopski says:
Dear Brenda,
I am so glad that you are getting better and that InLife’s InForce quite clearly has something to do with it. isn’t it great to be a part of it?. i am writing to you congratulate you for your courages that most of people around us sadly lack of. you post is date 10/15. i keep wondering about your Labrador (what’s his/her name). how is she/he doing. the positive studies were curried on animals too, so i was hoping to hear the good news. kindly, please let me know the progress if any. i hope the dose for your dog was significantly higher. let me know. hope you have a great day.
jack konopski

How inForce immune builder rebuilt ones immunes system that was compromised by the West Nile Virus.

Brenda Koker says:
I recently discovered in March 2010 that I had a very high C – reactive protein level of 20.4. The normal range for this level is below 3. I was diagnosed in July 2004 with having been exposed to the West Nile Virus and I knew I had been sick allot and running a elevated temperature for months visiting the urgent care department every 6 weeks and taking antibiotics. I would no more be off the antibiotics for a week to 10 days and I was right back to seeing the doctors at urgent care. The doctors had put me through a series of test and scans to determine the point of origin of the inflammation, with no success. After appearing on a local TV show and following the advice of the doctor to help take some weight off and become healthier. I realized this alone was not going to help me reduce the inflammation in my body. With three months of a strict diet and exercise program my C – reactive protein level had only dropped 3.4 points to 17. Fortunately with being a distributer through InLife and believing in the products, Inforce was released in August. After receiving my first shipment of Inforce I started taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening every day. I had more lab work done two months after taking my first dose of Inforce and my level had dropped to 13, so 4 points just being on a maintenance dose. My husband and I went down to an InLife training on September 11 th and heard additional testimonies on how Inforce was helping others with their medical issues. After hearing how much of inforce they were taking I decided to triple up on my dose to see what the result would have on my C – reactive protein level. I received my lab results Thursday and my level had dropped to 8, so 5 points and this was only in a 30 day period, not over a 60 day period like the last test done. Knowing my diet and exercise regiment had not been as strict the first 90 days as the last 90 days, I know that Inforce has helped strengthen my immune system to where it can fight off this inflammation I have in my body. This last 6 years struggling with my health, catching everything that came my way, that a simple handshake put me in jeopardy of getting sick, with knowing that after the West Nile Virus had ravaged my immune system. I can now be assured, that I can enjoy being around others and not worry about being exposed to common colds or a virus with inForce helping me to strengthen my immune system. Currently Jim and I are taking inforce and recently our Labrador/Golden Retriever at the age of 14 was diagnosed with three tumors and with her age the vet stated just keep her comfortable that she is too old to go through surgery and most likely would bring on additional infections. So we decided to put Little Bear on inForce, she has been on it for a month now and we are monitoring her to see if Inforce would help strengthen her immune system also.