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Personal Testimonies

Personal testimonies of Coriolus versicolor users.

Jackie Ans Testimony

My name is Jackie Ans, I’m 44 years old, and have been battling several health problems for many years. I also suffer from allergy and sinus conditions. After taking several medications for years and years my immune system was next to nothing. I also had been taking five different medications all at the same time to help fight my allergy and sinus issues. […]

How inForce improved fibromyalgia and auto immune chronic pancreatitis

I take 3 InForce in morning half hour on empty stomach And 3 InForce in evening half hour on empty stomach all before meals! I’m a walking testimonial of how much I believe in what InForce can do! I would love to share this with anyone who is who may have same conditions as myself or anyone who is considering whether or not to take InForce![…]

Cold sores gone in a day and more sleep at nite, a side affect of inForce immune builder, by inLife

I have been taking Inforce since mid Nov. 2010 when I became a distributor for Inlife. I am an x-smoker.

I occasionally do some deep breathing exercises and realized that I breath much deeper than I have for years. I have not measured it but I have no doubt this is true.

My wife and I also find that we sleep much better and if we skip a day we don`t.

My wife’s best friend has cold sores which can be embarrassing & can linger for weeks.

She is a firm believer now because she did get a sore but it lasted a total of 3.5 days. That huge for her.
I believe in this product. Will Swain, Torrance, Ca[…]

Listen first hand how inForce immune builder, by inLife, reduced size of tumor on Dogs forhead.


Finally a remedy for Fibromyalgia pain called inForce immune builder, by inLife.

I have never felt better!!! I have fibromyalgia and was in pain started
inForce 6 months ago no pain anymore and gave up the prescription meds[…]

Increased energy with inLifes, inForce immune builder.

I am 42 years old and a HUGE skeptic about everything, so when I was introduced to InForce I did not believe a word. However, I was willing to try anything. I had been diagonosed with low levels of testoterone and I was completely lethargic. I hated waking up in the morning and found doing simple things very difficult to do. My Dr. prescribed Testosterone shots of which raised my levels but did not give me that much more energy as told. I decided to try inForce and to my delight I was very surprised. Within days I felt I had more energy than I have had in years. I felt like I was in my twenties again. It has been 3 months and I am off the shots and my levels are normal and I have a ton of energy.[…]

Sinusitis relief with inForce immune builder by inLife.

I have suffered with severe sinusitis for almost 40 years( I am 72 now). I function better on a daily basis.I have been taking 12 capsules a day for 14 weeks and now I am thinking of scaling the dosage down to see what the effect will be.Watch this space!![…]

Ulcerative Colitis saturated with alternative herbal treatment known as inForce Immune Builder.

Personal Update:

As most of you now know from my testimony above, I quit smoking for the LAST time on June 1st 2010 and I used the inLife electronic cigarette to do so. I have to say right here, quitting with the e-cig was the easiest part. My big problems would start, (as I feared they would) a few weeks later. For more details about those problems, please see the video of my testimony above.) …

Post Partum, and Pre- menstrual symptoms undercontrol by inLifes, inForce Immune Builder


I am a 28 year-old single mother of two boys, ages 1 and 3. I have a full time job as the Sales and Marketing director of an extremely successful local wellness center here in Stuart, Florida. My job and small children keep me moving, and rarely allow down time for sickness or fatigue.

Working in the wellness industry I am exposed daily to a multitude of nutritional supplements, none of which have sparked any real interest in me….

A Life long battle with arthritis, fibro, auto-immune disease, and scoliosis. A brighter future with inForce™ Immune Builder with PSK

I was born with Scoliosis, Pediatric Fibromyalgia and a weakened auto-immune system. What that means is from infancy, until the age of 11 years old, I woke up in the morning to start my day, unable to open my eyes.

They were glued shut from an excess accumulation of mucus overnight, which would harden and interlock my eye-lashes thus, by dawn my eyes were sealed shut. My mother’s daily routine was to place hot, wet towels over my eyes to loosen the mucus and remove it without removing my eye-lashes as well. Once that was done and I could open my eyes to see, my mother would drive me to my doctors office, where I would have to sit at a machine, equivalent to a vacuum cleaner sucking excess mucus from each nostril. It was a painful, childhood experience which I will never forget….